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Innovation. Equity. Quality

 Laurel Health Advisors is a research and data-driven consulting firm that helps organizations leverage innovations in health care to improve health equity and quality outcomes. We work with public, private, and non-profit organizations to help them use research and data effectively. Our team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry as well as expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis, program evaluation, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning for organizational change management.


We Understand the Impact of Innovation on Health Care

Laurel Health Advisors provides data-driven insights on the present and future of healthcare. They have led countless projects in health care innovation as well as been involved with national and state-wide strategic planning sessions for health information exchanges across the United States. This team has also worked to secure regulations for meaningful use, interoperability, and  data security - all while providing their clients with unparalleled service from an industry leader!

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Digital Reading

Telehealth Cost Impact Study

Laurel Health Advisors is pleased to release its report entitled "Cost-Benefit of Telehealth During COVID-19" completed for the Center for Telehealth and eHealth. Law (CTeL). This is a first of its kind study that looks at the national cost-benefit of telehealth during March - September 2020

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Ensuring that health care is accessible and equitable to every individual

Laurel Health Advisors decades of experience in rural health and underserved populations make them uniquely qualified to understand the issues of health equity. They are committed to working with organizations who want help reducing disparities, increase accessibility for health care services, and work toward a healthier future for all people - one that is equitable across socioeconomic backgrounds.


Quality is not just about the encounter.  It's about the patient.

Laurel Health Advisors has decades of experience in developing and managing successful quality measurement programs, specifically for long-term care facilities, hospital settings and outpatient locations. The company knows how to create a program based on accurate data so as to deliver effective health care with an emphasis on what benefits patients first

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Data and Real-Time Information

The best way to address a problem is through data

Our team of experts has the skills necessary to help organizations find solutions when they need it most. We are proficient in mixed-methods research, statistical methodologies, and real world evidence collection and analysis which is what makes us so valuable for complex problems that require robust data driven approaches.

Experience & Integrity

We provide honest guidance forged by our years of expertise

Laurel Health Advisors have an impressive resume for any company considering their services. Staffed by some of the most experienced individuals in healthcare who possess decades of experience working with federal government agencies as well as leading research institutions across America.

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Why Laurel Health Advisors?

Data-driven methods for sophisticated problems

When it comes to finding the right solution for your business, there are many factors that go into determining what will work. Sometimes, even if you find a great answer quickly and easily, chances are good someone has already tried it before and knows how much of a failure point this is - so why not try something new? We believe in taking an approach with our clients that considers their needs from every angle possible; by using data and research methods to pinpoint exactly where they need help the most so we can develop solutions tailored to fit them as best as possible.

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